Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unocom: Unity Of The Community,INC.

UNOCOM seeks to develop and strengthen the rapport of the whole community, by
utilizing the leadership potential of agencies of the community. These community
resources will serve to improve the overall quality of life and general opportunities
for all citizens, regardless of race, age, religion affiliation or station in
As a community enhancement organization, UNOCOM seeks to discourage a
competitive spirit among social institutions, while endeavoring to stress the
necessity, procedures and possibility of cooperation among institutional forces of
society: (home, church, school, government, economy, mass media, medicine, legal
and leisure). The primary and unique function of each institution follows:

1. HOME-To reproduce the race,nuture and train the children in the way
they should live in order to be productive citizens in society.

2. CHURCH- To identify and seek to understand the reality of the supernatural as
it empowers and directs the temporal for good by serving as the teacher of righteous
which builds up a nation and corrects those forces that are destructive to society.

3. SCHOOL- To effectively teach students to read, write, work arithmetic and to
employ critical thinking skills which enables one to live and earn a living.

4. GOVERNMENT- To provide safety and order in society, to identify and protect
the nation's borders and to enact and enforce laws so that the other institutions may
carry out their primary and unique functions effectively with honor and fairness.

5. ECONOMY- To provide the information, motivation, ways and means for the
systematic, fair and broad distribution and use of wealth of the nation. Employment
and investment are unique components of distribution of the fruit of the economy.

6. MASS MEDIA- To gather and broadly publicize the true, certified and
productive news of the activities of all institutions of society.

7. MEDICINE- To provide FDA approved information and care procedures for
preventive and curative medicine for the overall health of the whole community.

8. LEGAL- To encourage, teach, and promote the laws of the land fairly and to
promote legal protection of the poor as well as the rich.

9. LEISURE- To provide the opportunity, plans and setting for wholesome and
age appropriate rest, recreation, relaxation and pleasure.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

UNOCOM  stands for "Unity of the Community".
Each institution of society has a specific, unique and primary role in society.
This post is used to list the institutions as follows:
         1. The Family
         2. The Church
         3. The School
         4. The Government
         5. The Economy
         6. The Mass Media
         7. The Medical
         8. The Legal
         9. The Leisure


This is a test. We are focusing on the several institutions of society. Unocom will list the institutions in our next issue.